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About Hampton Roads Field Office

GTRI Hampton Roads operations represents a broad cross-section of GTRI capabilities -- including cyber security, information technology, data standards, test and evaluation, sensors, radar and electronic warfare. Being able to supply onsite GTRI technical and engineering prowess, along with rapid 'reach-back' support from GTRI's eight Atlanta-based laboratories, is very valuable to the groups we serve.

Main Efforts/Programs
  • Joint Staff J6, DDC4 – Data and Services Division
    • C2 Core XML data exchange standard
  • DJC2 support to Second Fleet (e.g., USS Bataan Integration)
  • Navy Fleet Cyber Command (FCC) / Commander 10th Fleet (C10F) Support
    • Task Force 1010 (NetOps) / Task Force 1020 (CND)
    • Dynamic GIG Operations Support
    • Defensive Cyber Operations
    • Cyber Pilot / Cyber Situational Awareness (SA) Alignment
  • Development Operations (DEVOPS)
  • Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) Visualization Development
  • Visualization Analytics Development (Algorithms)
  • Task Force (TF) Cloud Alignment
    • Radiometric Detection of Aviation Hazards—Phase 3
      • To conduct enabling research for a forward-looking airborne instrument to detect aviation hazards that generally speaking cannot be detected visually or with radar
      • LANDMARC project funded by NASA Langley Research Center
    • HBCU Partnerships with Hampton University and Norfolk State
    • NATO Allied Command Transformation
      • Work with Norfolk-based NATO ACT to facilitate GTRI Europe strategy
    • Joint IO Range
      • Establishing GTRI as on-demand node on range (utilizes GTRI DREN)
      • InterTEC Cyber Event—GTRI's inaugural event for JIOR connectivity
    • US Army Technology Application Program Office (Ft Eustis)
      • Embedded EW training for Special Operations Aviation Regiment
      • FAEWSET adaptation for airborne threats
    • CAAS IV IDIQ—GTRI is a Sub to CUBIC (LB) & OCTalk (SB)
      • Multiple Task Orders from ACC/AFDW flowing—A&AS vehicle
      • GTRI has had multiple opportunities to participate on TO's already
Current & Past Customers and Associations

In Virginia, the GTRI Hampton Roads operations serves Air Force, Army, Joint Staff, Navy, Marine, NASA and other customers in the southeastern region of the state. GTRI engineers and scientists provide local and reach-back support to:

  • Joint Staff J6, Deputy Director C4 Data and Services Division
  • Joint Staff's C2 Core information exchange standard program
  • US Army Technology Application Program Office
  • US Air Force's Air Combat Command with secure information systems, electronic warfare and radar technologies
  • Navy Fleet Cyber Command (FCC) / Commander 10th Fleet (C10F)
  • NASA Langley Research Center in a project to enhance commercial aviation safety
  • DHS Homeland Open Security Technology program Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) partnerships with Hampton University and Norfolk State
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Contact: Stephen Moulton
Phone: 757-634-6828