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Georgia Tech and GTRI to Offer Military Fellowship for 2020-21

The Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech Research Institute supports U.S. active duty, guard, or reserve military officers by awarding Military Graduate Research Program Fellowships.

Improving Military Training with Machine Learning and AI

Military members are constantly training, but their window for physical improvement is narrow. GTRI is analyzing data to create a “virtual coach” to help people in top tiers of fitness improve. The new project aims to advance the art of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in human performance and adaptation.

Updates on GTRI's Response to COVID-19

While taking precautions to safeguard those involved in our work during the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) continues to perform sponsored research under our continuity of operations plan.

Georgia Tech Produces Key Components for Governor’s Coronavirus Test Initiative

Gaps in the supply of coronavirus tests are propelling initiatives to fill them across the country. At the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), bioscience researchers are working to produce key components for tests in the state of Georgia.

Will Smartphones Help Us Keep COVID-19 Under Control?

Smartphones could provide a critical service of automating contact tracing to control future COVID-19 outbreaks.

Simple, Low-Cost Ventilator Builds on Available Resuscitation Bags

A simple, low-cost ventilator based on the resuscitation bags carried in ambulances — and widely available in hospitals — has been designed by a team of researchers from Georgia Tech, Cranfield University, and Emory University.

$25 Million Project Will Advance DNA-Based Archival Data Storage

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s (IARPA) Molecular Information Storage (MIST) program has awarded a multi-phase contract worth up to $25 million to develop scalable DNA-based molecular storage techniques.

Lynn Fountain Named Woman of the Year in Nonprofit Educational Institutions

It has been nearly three decades since Lynn Fountain joined the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) as a researcher, not long after earning her doctorate in physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

This month, she was named a winner of the Woman of the Year Award in Nonprofit Educational Institutions by the organization Women In Technology, an Atlanta group that encourages women and girls to pursue career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Novel Solar Cells Arrive at International Space Station for Testing

Five different types of solar cells fabricated by research teams at the Georgia Institute of Technology have arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) to be tested for their power conversion rate and ability to operate in the harsh space environment as part of the MISSE-12 mission. One type of cell, made of low-cost organic materials, has not been extensively tested in space before.

Study Provides New Guidance on Use of First-Line Antihypertensive Drugs

Thiazide diuretics demonstrate better effectiveness and cause fewer side effects than ACE inhibitors as first-line antihypertensive drugs, according to a report published October 24 in the journal Lancet.