Dayton Field Office

Visit the Dayton, OH Field Office

About the Dayton Field Office

The Dayton Office was created to support existing and potential sponsors in the Dayton, Ohio area. It is staffed with personnel who provide reach-back to researchers at Georgia Tech’s campus in Atlanta, as well as participating in research programs in electronic warfare, radar, intelligence, and human factors.

Sponsors regularly use the local facilities such as a well equipped conference room for meetings and short courses. There is a high speed VPN connection to campus and secure work areas with automated information systems.

Researchers at the office participate in many community and base activities with their research sponsors. They provide regular interaction for many research projects, supporting a degree of collaboration essential for many Air Force research projects. The proximity to Wright-Patterson AFB also aids in developing collaborative relationships with the many Air Force contractors in the area.

Plan an enjoyable visit to the Dayton field office and Dayton, Ohio.

From Dayton International Airport

  1. Follow the airport access road to I-70 east.
  2. Merge onto I-70 East.
  3. Take the next exit, I-75 South to Dayton.
  4. From I-75, take US 35 East (toward Xenia).
  5. From US 35 take I-675 North.
  6. Take North Fairfield Road exit and stay in the far left lane (second exit from US 35).
  7. Turn left onto North Fairfield Road.
  8. Turn left onto Colonel Glenn Highway.
  9. At the first traffic light, turn left onto Centre Drive.
  10. Turn right on Presidential Drive.
  11. Parking is available in front of the building.

To learn about mass transit options for traveling to local attractions, visit Greater Dayton RTA.

An approved Classified Visit Request must be on file for all visitors requiring access to classified information at the Dayton Field Office. When you request to visit, please include the name and phone number of your point of contact at GTRI, and the purpose and date of your visit. Send your request to:

Contact: Mary Avery 
Phone: 937-490-5164 
Fax: 937-427-0499