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Public health organizations worldwide now have a new mobile app available to help them gather information needed to battle disease and assess the needs of populations often facing… Read More >>
Gregory Louden, Principal Research Engineer in the Georgia Tech Research Institute's Advanced Concepts Laboratory (ACL), and head of its Advanced Warfighting Technologies… Read More >>
In a recent interview, Haynes shared how he plans to leverage his expertise in hydrogen and industrial efficiency in his new role on the U.S. Department of Energy’s inaugural… Read More >>
Lartey is the first Black woman with an operations and project management background to serve as an Associate Lab Director at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI),… Read More >>
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A new cooling technique that utilizes a single species of trapped ion for both computing and cooling could simplify the use of quantum charge-coupled devices (QCCDs), potentially… Read More >>
Collaboration between Norfolk Southern Corporation and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has led to the development of digital train inspection portals that use advanced… Read More >>
The Digital Edition of GTRI's 2023 Annual Report provides an overview of our accomplishments, research investments and outreach programs. Read More >>
Groundbreaking research being done for the Federal Aviation Administration by researchers at Georgia Tech and Savannah-based Gulfstream Aerospace could lead to quieter operation… Read More >>
GTRI in Photos showcases our favorite pictures of GTRI research and operations in action. Read More >>
As GTRI Principal Research Engineer Alan Nussbaum can tell you, the value of an education never gets old.
At 72 years old, Nussbaum recently earned his Ph.D. from Georgia… Read More >>
Clouds of tiny structures that are lighter than feathers – and whose properties can be remotely controlled by radio frequency (RF) signals – could one day give U.S. warfighters… Read More >>
U.S. pilots and aircrews will be safer flying into contested airspace thanks to training provided by a 142-ton threat simulator system that shows them how radars built to guide… Read More >>
A new cybersecurity technology that relies on the unique digital fingerprint of individual semiconductor chips could help protect the equipment of electrical utilities from… Read More >>
Fifty years and countless research projects later, leaders at the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) say its secret to… Read More >>
Hypersonic vehicles must be able to send and receive information while operating at the high temperatures associated with speeds of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound) or… Read More >>