GTRI is pioneering a movement of agile, tightly integrated, sponsor focused teams that will define rapid prototyping of the future with the STING program.

STING, which stands for Sparking Technology Innovation and Growth, is a ten-week program looking to innovate how we approach research as much as what we do.

In the program, participants will join a cohort of full-time researchers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets to employ the Lean Startup methodology embraced by the most nimble and efficient tech companies. Each team selects a problem or potential pain point, then works together with targeted sponsors to iterate on and validate solutions to an urgent problem. 

Over ten weeks, the teams will experience a crash course in Lean methodology and work with mentors to rapidly iterate from an initial problem statement to a concept solution. Participants will work in teams of 4 researchers while meeting regularly with mentors and sponsor liaisons. The teams will receive training in Lean methodology, problem-solving, and working with sponsors.

Each cohort culminates in a high-intensity STING Pitch Event, where a Shark-Tank style panel of sponsors selects a winner.