Check back soon for the 2023, STING 4.0 application

Apply for your chance to pioneer the future innovation and problem solving during the spring cohort of STING.

The STING program is looking for driven individuals who:

  • Desire to excel in customer interactions
  • Take ownership of team objectives
  • Value team over individual

In the program, you will:

  • Join a cohort of other full-time researchers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.
  • Work together with targeted sponsors.
  • Innovate solutions to an urgent problem.
  • Receive training in Lean methodology, problem-solving, and working with sponsors.
  • Participate in a high-intensity STING Pitch Event, where a Shark-Tank style panel of sponsors selects a winner. 

Note: Most of the work is not technical. 

The pilot program for STING will launch this spring with a kickoff training in February and will conclude with a Pitch Event in early May. 

Applicant profile/requirements:

GTRI employees with the current title of RE/RS/RA I/II