Direct to Discovery

​​​​​​Direct to Discovery: Delivering opportunities for authentic STEM discovery directly to Georgia's K12 classrooms 

Direct to Discovery remotely delivers the expertise of Georgia Tech (GT) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). Accompanied by classroom resources, each session is an opportunity to engage students in authentic STEM learning. 

Upcoming Direct to Discovery Sessions

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About Direct to Discovery

Direct to Discovery is a free program for the K12 community. Created with the goal of connecting Georgia's K12 classrooms with Georgia Tech's STEM expertise, Direct to Discovery includes a variety of programming to meet the needs of our state's diverse K12 schools and communities. All programming and resources are designed and developed using the Georgia Standards of Excellence alongside cutting edge STEM research and development. We offer a schedule of programs for students and classrooms year-round. We are also able to explore customized scheduling for schools and districts with discussion.

What are the sessions like? 

Session formats depend on the Direct to Discovery series:

  • Direct to Discovery - STEAM Challenges
    These extended engagement opportunities leverage GT/GTRI expertise to support participating classrooms through a multi-week design challenge inspired by real research and development! Participating classrooms are supported by a mix of synchronous sessions, asynchronous resources, and a design showcase to highlight student designs and celebrate student work. 
  • Direct to Discovery - Cyber Challenges
    These sessions engage students in practicing their math and computation skills to learn cybersecurity concepts -- and then use them in a real-time, mini capture the flag (CTF) competition! Sessions are facilaited by cyber subject matter experts and build up to a Cybersecurity Tournament in Spring 2023. 
  • Direct to Discovery - Data Transmissions from Space
    These sessions leverage the Math 3 Act Task format to engage students in analyzing data sets from satellites and the ISS to explore space and earth science using grade-level appropriate math skills. Live sessions will engage students in sharing their 3rd Act work, as well as the researcher sharing their own approach and discussing more about the topic and the use of math skills in careers.
  • Direct to Discovery with the GT Robotarium 
    In this collaboration with the Georgia Tech Robotarium, students will have the opportunity to learn programming basics and more! Students will be able to use a block coding interface to simulate the Robotarium robots, and then when they are confident in their code, deploy the code remotely for the Robotarium's robots to run. Students receive a video of their code in action. 
  • Direct to Discovery - Reading with a Researcher
    Aimed at the youngest scientists and engineers, these sessions foster STEM awareness and enthusiasm in the K-2 audience with guest readers. Our readers will read a book or passage related to their work, and then share a STEM-related story or two from their own careers and experiences. 
  • Direct to Discovery - Career Days
    These sessions engage students in learning about various STEM careers from diverse STEM professionals. Students will gain knowledge of all the diverse roles in STEM industries, learn from the experiences of our panelists, and leave inspired to explore their own future in STEM.

Working on STEM (re)certification?

Engage your students in authentic STEM with Direct to Discovery. Extended programming, such as Direct to Discovery Design Challenges, offer an opportunity for deeper STEM experiences with expert guidance from GT/GTRI faculty. Other series provide opportunity for authentic STEM learning, with accompanying classroom resources extending the learning beyond the single session. 

Searching for authentic phenomena and scenarios to drive STEM learning?

Each Direct to Discovery is situated within the real research and engineering of Georgia Tech/GTRI. GSE-alignment drives our planning and classroom resource development. We aim for an experience that is seamless from the daily learning and doing of classrooms - aside from the engagement of our researchers, of course!

Attempting Project-Based Learning, but not sure where or how to find external experts?

Look out for Direct to Discovery Design Challenges, or use of the many other opportunities as a launch pad for your own project. Accompanying classroom resources provide access to the disciplinary knowledge of the topic at-hand. Lastly, participating in the sessions allows you and your students the rare opportunity ask global leaders in STEM fields questions - you'll receive answers during our live, interactive Direct to Discovery sessions!

Want to expose your students to real-life STEM and diverse STEM role models?

Working in STEM is rarely how students imagine it - and we want to make sure every student in Georgia has the opportunity to feel like they are capable and welcome in STEM! Our researchers share more than just their knowledge during these sessions. They'll tell stories, share experiences, and give a unique glimpse into what it's like to be a STEM professional.


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