Antenna Engineering

Obtain a wide range of mission-critical skills essential to improving products, services, and communications systems in industries such as healthcare, consumer products, utilities, and automobile manufacturing.

Example Course Requirements Cost
Pre Req: Antenna background or Basic Antenna Concepts (DEF 1501P) $2,195
Req A: Antenna Engineering (ELEC 2001P) $2,195
Req B 1: Transmit /Receive Modules for Phased Array Radar: Components, Construction and Cost (DEF 1506P) $1,795
Req B 2: Airborne AESA Radar (DEF 3534P) $1,895
Req B 3: Modeling and Simulation of Antennas (DEF 4009P) $1,975
Req B 4: Modeling and Simulation of Phased-Array Antennas (DEF 4015P) $1,795
Total Cost: $11,850*

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*Cost based on the sample course selections; your cost may be higher or lower depending on which electives you choose