Sensor & Data Fusion

Learn how to bring together data from multiple sensors and have them automatically filtered, aggregated, and extracted so you can interpret them with the speed and precision required to get the job done.

Example Course RequirementsCost
Req A: Multi-Sensor Data Fusion (DEF 8104P)$1,695
Req B 1: Electromagnetic Warfare Data Analysis (DEF 2523P)$1,395
Req B 2: Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Fundamentals (DEF 2510P)$1,500
Req B 3: Basic EO-IR Concepts (DEF 3011P)$1,795
Req B 4: Missile Design and System Engineering (DEF 8200P)$1,995
Total Cost:$8,380*

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*Cost based on the sample course selections; your cost may be higher or lower depending on which electives you choose