Infrared & Electro-Optical Technology

Discover how infrared and electro-optical systems operate and understand how to assess their strengths and limitations by learning from current experts in the field and find out about developing technologies straight from the designers.

Example Course RequirementsCost
Req A 1: Infrared Countermeasures (DEF 2701P)$1,995
Req A 2: Infrared/Visible Signature Suppression (DEF 2702P)$2,095
Req A 3: Infrared Technology and Applications - Open Access (DEF 3001P)$1,795
Req B 1: Military Laser Principles and Applications - Open Access (DEF 3010P)$1,795
Req B 2: Introduction to Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Concepts, Systems, and Test Evaluation (DEF 2504P)$1,795
Req B 3: Basic EO-IR Concepts (DEF 3011P)$1,795
Total Cost:$11,720*

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*Cost based on the sample course selections; your cost may be higher or lower depending on which electives you choose