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April 22, 2013Anatomy of a Blast: Researchers Develop Sensor System to Assess the Effects of Explosions on SoldiersElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
April 18, 2013GTRI Debuts New Consumer Product Integration BranchElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
April 12, 2013Drone Defense: Helping Protect U.S. Forces by Simulating Hostile Unmanned AircraftAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
March 28, 2013Acoustic Time Delay Device Could Reduce the Size and Cost of Phased Array Systems Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
March 1, 2013GTRI’s OSHA Safety Training Courses Save RAFB More Than $200,000Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
February 5, 2013Riding with Sharks: Researchers Study Adhesion System of Remora Fish to Create Bio-Inspired AdhesiveElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
January 14, 2013Flying Test Bed: New Aerial Platform Supports Development of Lightweight Sensors for UAVsAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
January 9, 2013GTRI Names Technical DirectorsAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
January 8, 2013Spear Phishing: Researchers Work to Counter Email Attacks that Gain Recipients’ Trust
December 11, 2012Monitoring Hurricanes: Georgia Tech Engineers Assist NASA with Instrument for Remotely Measuring Storm IntensitySensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
November 29, 2012Georgia Tech Team Wins $2.7 Million Award to Advance Big-Data Technology for DARPA
November 29, 2012GTRI Improves Voting Accessibility for Injured VeteransElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
November 28, 2012Protecting Children: Online Tool Creates Personalized Catch-Up Immunization SchedulesInformation and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
October 10, 2012New iPad Application Helps Students Understand How Conditions Affect Blackbody RadiationElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
September 25, 2012Easy Guider: Intuitive Visual Control Provides Faster Remote Operation of RobotsAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
September 19, 2012GTRI: A World Leader in Acoustics Research and ControlAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
July 25, 2012Radar Renewal: Phased Array Technology Could Improve Reliability, Capabilities of Air Traffic Control System Sensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
July 23, 2012Picture Worth a Thousand Numbers: New Data Visualization Tool Helps Find the “Unknown Unknowns” Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
June 26, 2012Georgia Tech and Veterans Health Administration Collaborate to Accelerate Health IT InnovationInformation and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
June 18, 2012Extending Roadway Life: GTRI Researchers Develop Prototype Automated Pavement Crack Detection and Sealing SystemAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
June 12, 2012Product Testing Network: Georgia Tech Launches HomeLab to Help Companies Evaluate In-Home Use of Emerging Health TechnologiesElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
June 5, 2012Cancer Breathalyzer: Researchers Developing Breath Test for Possible Diagnosis of Lung and Breast CancersElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
May 29, 2012A Cut Above: Innovative Robot Uses 3-D Imaging and Sensor-based Cutting Technology to Debone PoultryAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
May 23, 2012Safety in Numbers: Threat Intelligence System Enables Corporate and Government Organizations to Share Malware Information
April 23, 2012Mil-OSS LANT Meeting Will Address Open Source Technology for Military and Other Government Applications