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March 19, 2012Homeland Defense: Novel Radiation Surveillance Technology Could Help Thwart Nuclear TerrorismElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
March 19, 2012Flock Talk: Bird Vocalization Research Could Improve Poultry Production, Lower CostsAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
March 19, 2012Picture Worth a Thousand Numbers: New Data Visualization Tool Helps Find the “Unknown Unknowns”Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
March 12, 2012Full Access: GTRI Connects to Department of Defense High-Performance Computing Networks
March 12, 2012Flight Test: GTRI-Built Threat Simulators Provide Realistic Pilot Training at Alaska RangeAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
March 12, 2012Advanced Manufacturing Research: Georgia Tech Innovations Help Expand U.S. Industrial Capabilities and Enhance CompetitivenessAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
February 3, 2012Storm Studies: Low-Cost Instrument Developed by High School Students Could Aid Severe Weather ResearchSensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
January 13, 2012Complex Systems: GTRI Receives $1.5M to Create Online Collaborative Vehicle Design CapabilityElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
November 10, 2011Preventing Problems: Georgia Tech Helps to Develop System That Will Detect Insider Threats from Massive Data SetsAerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
October 25, 2011Low-cost Paper-based Wireless Sensor Could Help Detect Explosive Devices Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
Sensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
September 26, 2011Breaking Down Plastics: New Standard Specification May Facilitate Use of Additives that Trigger Biodegradation of Oil-Based Plas
September 2, 2011Analyzing Plasmas: $2.5 Million Air Force Grant Funds Fundamental Studies of Plasma Interactions with Structures Containing ThemElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
August 25, 2011Innovation Served on a Napkin: How GTRI Moved a Simple Idea From Inspiration to Fabrication Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
July 13, 2011Optimizing Eyesight: R&D Collaboration Focuses on New System for Measuring and Improving Human VisionElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
July 6, 2011Solar Sanitation System Awarded $40,000 in Startup Chile FundingElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
July 6, 2011Military Open-Source Software Group To Hold Third Annual Meeting in Atlanta
June 24, 2011Blight to Beauty: “Red Fields to Green Fields” Plans Revealed for CitiesElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
June 21, 2011iPhone App May Support Monitoring and Research on Parkinson’s DiseaseElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
May 16, 2011GTRI to Lead $10 Million Department of Homeland Security Open Cyber Security Initiative
April 25, 2011Radar Analysis Shows Promise for Detecting Concussions in Athletes and SoldiersSensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
February 21, 2011Taking the Heat: Silver-Diamond Composite Offers Unique Capabilities for Cooling Powerful Defense MicroelectronicsElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
February 7, 2011Computerizing Critical Information: GTRI Supports Health Resources Information Systems in Kenya and ZimbabweElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
December 14, 2010Phased-Array Radar: GTRI Supports Test and Evaluation of Next Generation Jammer Sensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
December 9, 2010Preserving History: GTRI Assists National Archives of United Kingdom in Identifying Archival Files Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
October 20, 2010Powered Lift: Novel GTRI Design Would Let Commercial Jets Use Smaller Airports While Reducing Noise Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)