Radar Signal Processing & Techniques

From the basic methods and algorithms found at the core of modern systems to more advanced techniques – deepen your understanding of a spectrum of radar technology.

Example Course RequirementsCost
Pre Req: Radar background or take DEF 3501P and Weak Signal Processing background or take DEF 3521P 
Req A 1: Principles of Modern Radar (DEF 3502P)$1,995
Req A 2: Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing (DEF 3505P)$2,595
Req B 1: Basic Radar Concepts (DEF 3501P)$1,795
Req B 2: Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Fundamentals (DEF 2510P)$1,500
Req B 3: Adaptive Arrays: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications (DEF 3503P)$1,995
Req B 4: Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Formation Processing (DEF 3514P)$2,595
Total Cost:$12,475*

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*Cost based on the sample course selections; your cost may be higher or lower depending on which electives you choose