Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Engineering

This certificate will teach you the basics of EO/IR designs and trades as well as specific designs such as concepts, lasers, missies, testing, and hardware evaluation.

Example Course RequirementsCost
Req A 1: Basic EO-IR Concepts (DEF 3011P)$1,795
Req A 2: Optical Systems Engineering (DEF 8110P) $1,795
Req B 1: Infrared Technology and Applications - Open Access (DEF 3001P)$1,795
Req B 2: Modeling and Simulation in Electro-Optical and Infrared EO/IR Systems (DEF 4007P)$1,795
Req C 1: Precision Stabilized Pointing and Tracking Systems (DEF 8105P)$1,695
Req C 2: Missile Design and System Engineering (DEF 8200P)$1,995
Total Cost:$9,075*

For more information, contact gtri-pe@gtri.gatech.edu

*Cost based on the sample course selections; your cost may be higher or lower depending on which electives you choose