Mapping our capabilities to facilitate collaboration and better address the critical needs of our customers

GTRI has experienced rapid growth over the past several years, propelled by our renowned researchers who combine science and engineering expertise to solve complex problems for the U.S. federal government, the state, and industry. As our organization expands in size and complexity, we need a clearer view of GTRI’s core competencies to facilitate greater collaboration and better understand how our capabilities can address the most critical needs of our customers. This website provides a new approach to describing what GTRI does while keeping at the forefront our mission and reason for existing, which are, to:

  • Enhance the state of Georgia's economic development
  • Serve national security
  • Educate future technology leaders
  • Improve the human condition

GTRI's Project Portfolio analyzed the organization's projects of record to identify 14 application areas within four broader categories: Sensors, Information, Systems, and Technology for Society. The application areas and broader "buckets" categorize GTRI's core competencies and provide a clearer view of how they support our strategy and goals.

The customer-focused approach enabled by this project supports GTRI's people-first vision and mission to create impactful solutions. We are confident that this project will enhance existing synergies and expand collaboration across GTRI – and with our partner organizations – in ways that help us prioritize intentional growth and inform our investment decision-making for years to come.

GTRI Portfolio Pillars

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