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Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)



October 21, 2009Improved Electric Propulsion Could Boost Satellite Lifetime
October 6, 2009New Protocols Will Test Effects of RFID Systems on Medical Devices
September 3, 2009GTRI Demonstrates Cargo Security Technologies for DHS
July 28, 2009Helping Astronomers Collect More Accurate Images of the Sky
January 22, 2009New Device for Detecting Invisible Aviation Hazards
September 26, 2008Reducing Noise: Micro Honeycomb Materials Enable a New Physics of Sound Reduction
April 22, 2008Extending the Lifetimes of OLEDs Through an Improved Sealing Process
January 24, 2008Improved Decontamination: Optimized UV-C Phosphor Kills Anthrax Spores in Combination with X-rays
January 18, 2008GTRI Develops Airborne Test Platform for Evaluating Sensors and High-Speed Communications Links
December 18, 2007Explosives on a Chip: Unique Porous Copper Structures Enable New Generation of Military Micro-detonators
November 20, 2007Clean Room Classic: Vacuum Evaporator Purchased 50 Years Ago Still Going Strong
September 27, 2007New Biosensor Detects Avian Influenza Virus in Minutes, Not Days
August 28, 2007Safe Water: Simpler Method for Analyzing Radium in Water Samples Cuts Testing Time
June 9, 2007Wireless Research at Georgia Tech is Opening New Doors for People with Disabilities
April 11, 20073D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency While Reducing Size, Weight and Complexity of Photovoltaic Arrays
July 26, 2006Improving Medical Devices: GTRI Expands Testing Capabilities to Help Reduce Potential Interference
May 5, 2006A Pandemic Upon Us: Researchers Battle Avian Flu Threats to Poultry Industry and Humans
April 10, 2006First Responder's Best Friend: "Chemical Companion" Helps Hazmat Teams Make Critical Decisions
March 6, 2006Sensing Support: SENSIAC Helps the Military Advance Technologies for Defense Sensors
January 16, 2006Georgia Tech Researchers Develop Portable “Vein Finder” for Faster, More Accurate Injections
April 12, 2005Wearable Captioning System to Make Public Venues Accessible to People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
April 3, 2005Georgia Tech Advances Solar Energy Research
April 3, 2005GTRI Collaborates With the Asian Institute of Technology to Create Detailed Maps of Tsunami-Stricken Areas
February 28, 2005Tiny Towers: Carbon Nanotube Structures Could Provide More Efficient Solar Power for Soldiers
November 23, 2004Sensing Danger: Researchers Develop New Sensing Technologies to Improve Response to Chemical and Biological Attacks