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February 14, 2002Dentistry by Design: Aerospace Technologies May Make Dentistry More Effective and EfficientIndustry
March 23, 2002Chem-Bio Sensor May Make Detection of Chemical and Biological Agents Easier and FasterGovernment
May 8, 2002Unique Antenna Ensures Crew Communications on the International Space Station Government
June 2, 2002Long-Distance Collaboration Between Georgia Tech and Industry Helps Provide Faster Ethernet ServiceIndustry
June 12, 2002Fuel Cells Promise Improvements in Transportation, Electronics and Power Generation Industry
July 25, 2002Designing the Next Generation of LIDAR-Based Ozone-Monitoring Technology Government
July 25, 2002POWERING the Future: Broad-based Research Program Helps Ensure Tomorrow's Energy SupplyIndustry
October 1, 2002Reducing Noise and Improving Sleep in Nursing Homes Industry
November 8, 2002Space-based Radar Operating from Microsatellite Cluster Will Provide New Military Capabilities Government
April 12, 2003Recognizing Small Businesses That Demonstrate a Commitment to Health and SafetyIndustry
April 12, 2003UV Disinfection Technology for Water and Food Processing Performs Better and Costs Less Than Existing TechniquesIndustry
August 11, 2003Robotics Research: Creating Machines That Can Make Complex DecisionsGovernment
August 11, 2003Decreasing Launch Costs and Extending Capabilities of Unmanned Space Vehicles With Mini-EngineGovernment
August 11, 2003Need for Speed: Georgia Tech Creates Ergonomically Superior Interface for International ManufacturerIndustry
October 14, 2003Reconnaissance Round Gives Soldiers a Look at What's Ahead Government
November 23, 2003Digital Imaging System On Production Line Catches Bad Sandwich BunsIndustry
January 23, 2004GTRI Engineers Test New Flare Decoys on Military Aircraft Government
February 25, 2004Field Tests Advance Seismic Landmine Detection System Government
April 13, 2004Developing the Manufacturing Technology to Produce Electrical Devices from Carbon Nanotubes Government
April 15, 2004Factory Floor Communication: Standardizing Information Systems for "Plug and Play" Power Industry
April 30, 2004Detecting Hidden Mold Behind Gypsum WallboardIndustry
May 31, 2004SMARTRAQ Demonstrates How Community Design Affects Travel Behavior, Air Quality and Health Industry
June 17, 2004Homeland Security: Georgia Tech Helps Provide Foundation for New Justice Information Sharing Initiative Government
July 15, 2004Collaboration and Visualization Tool Improves Incident Planning and Response for Emergency Management OfficialsGovernment
October 28, 2004Real-time Testing for PKU: First-ever Self-monitoring Device Under Development for Rare Genetic Disorder Industry