Linda Viney

Laboratory Director, Applied Systems Laboratory

Linda Viney is the director of GTRI's Applied Systems Laboratory. As director, Viney will work with the ASL leadership team to direct the lab’s research mission, coordinate sponsor engagement, collaborate with other GTRI labs, and maximize the impact of its mission.

Viney has been a member of Georgia Tech’s research faculty for over 25 years. She holds both master's and bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). During her tenure at GTRI, Viney held the position of Division Chief for the Electronic Systems Integration Division in the Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS).

Her research interests include the development and integration of new technologies for operational military aircraft. These new technologies include multi-sensor fusion, automated threat countertactics, secure communications, and Live, Virtual, & Constructive (LVC) electronic combat training. She has served as principal investigator (PI) or co-PI for more than 37 research programs valued at over $68 million. She has also served in program development, securing funding of over $55 million. 

Viney has played a significant role in conducting applied research on electronic warfare at GTRI. During her research in LVC training, she led the development of an electronic combat training program, known as the Virtual Electronic Combat Training System (VECTS), which is capable of operating without range limitations. The development was successfully implemented on various military aircraft, including the F-16, A-10, and C-130. 

Viney was also instrumental in leading the development of the Advanced Integrated Electronic Combat System (AIECS), a net-centric warfare solution that fuses information from electronic warfare sensors, tactical data links, and intelligence data to provide aircrews consolidated threat situational awareness and automated countertactics. AIECS is on track for operational fielding on C-130H aircraft later this year.

This year, Viney’s contributions to GTRI research and innovation received recognition at a prestigious level. Viney was awarded the title of Regents' Researcher by the University System of Georgia's (USG) Board of Regents. The Regents’ Researcher title recognizes outstanding full-time principal researchers at Georgia Tech and three other University System research institutions. The title may be awarded upon the recommendation of the USG institution President, chief academic officer, and three members of the faculty named by the President, and upon the approval of the Chancellor and the Committee on Academic Affairs.