Army Family Web Portal (AFWP)

​​​​​​​There is a security, financial, and technical need for government software systems to be agile, reactive, extendable, and cloud-based. Many software systems are in need of a transformation of its technical infrastructure in order to match the needs of their data enterprise. GTRI has worked with DoD, Federal and State entities by utilizing a holistic team and approach to secure, policy-informed transformation across the technical posture, data management life cycle, user interaction, and data storytelling sphere. In support of this work, our researchers have extensive experience with Risk Management Framework, DevSecOps, data center to cloud software migration, large and complex database migrations, stakeholder engagement, software development, requirement solicitation, business intelligence systems, and data visualization software. One example of a large enterprise system transformation is Army Family Web Portal (AFWP).

AFWP is a centralized, online hub where Service Members, their Families, and Army Staff Members can access software systems that support the collective readiness of the family and the solider. GTRI has diligently pursued the business process and data capture changes needed to provide leaders with key information on which to base policy and programming decisions, within a technical infrastructure with the capability to support future features and data needs.