Aeroacoustics Facilities

GTRI is internationally known for its work in jet aeroacoustics and air circulation control technology, and offers extensive expertise in the areas of flow control, aero-sensor development and testing, aero-acoustics, launch acoustics, quiet UAV propulsion packages, aero-optics, wind-tunnel testing, field testing of military systems and sensors and innovative signal processing as applied to blast events, hostile fire detection  and acoustic source localization and characterization with particular application to detection of live voices. GTRI operates industry-size acoustic anechoic chambers and capability of operating supersonic heated plumes with and without flight simulation. It also operates two wind tunnels capable of simulating hurricane wind speeds. It has recently developed an “ear in the sky” capability to put acoustic sensors on a UAV (quadcopter, fixed wing, etc.) to be able to listen to sound sources of interest. Other capabilities include high-speed flow visualization, acoustic beamforming, particle imaging velocimetry (PIV), which combined with our expertise summarized above has resulted in innovative solutions for military and civilian aircraft, many industrial products, and high energy laser applications.