5G/FutureG Lab

Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute are studying emerging 5G/FutureG New Radio (NR) technologies and capabilities while exploring how to apply and exploit them in tactical environments including use cases, applications and deployment scenarios that are most relevant to the Department of Defense.  To enable these activities, ICL has built a 5G/FutureG Laboratory currently housing several separate 5G/FutureG NR networks including over-the-air capabilities and commercial 5G/FutureG handsets and IoT devices.  

The available 5G/FutureG networks include:  a frequency-agile, scalable network widely used by top-tier chipset manufacturers for terminal testing, a fully-virtualized network useful for optimization of network configurations and parameters against repeatable conditions and impairments, an open-source system for deeper system analysis and modifications using metrics and analytics available over standard interfaces as well as a system that is fully open allowing for exploration of FutureG experimentation using 5G as a foundation.