Information and Communications...

Taking IT to the Next Level

GTRI’s highly regarded scientists and engineers use their technical expertise to help customers find practical and effective solutions to the toughest IT problems. We conduct a broad range of research in:

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Communications
  • Networking
  • Modeling and simulation

Many of our customers are not in the information and communications technologies industry, but rely on these technologies to run successful enterprises. Our technical expertise helps customers:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve performance
  • Improve reliability
  • Speed delivery
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce risks

To learn more about GTRI’s information and communications technologies solutions, select a category below or browse our information and communications technologies case studies.

Internet Protocol Television / Digital Media

GTRI’s digital media research includes development of a national test bed forInternet protocol television,a fully interactive digital television service offered to subscribers via an Internet-based broadband connection.

Communications and Networking

Our communications and networking research programs offer solutions to complex IT problems involving information processing, storage, representation and exchange. We serve the IT community—and just about every other industry—through leading-edge developments in computer networking, software and hardware.

Emergency Management

GTRI experts provide emergency preparedness evaluation and policy assistance, and implement new technologies to help organizations prepare for crisis situations. We help meet the complex challenges facing the law enforcement community and its personnel through innovative applied research and a broad range of multidisciplinary technologies.


We develop high-tech mapping and visualization tools that help organizations monitor and track activities. Our researchers are experts in geographical information systems (GIS) and collaborative visualization technologies for use in environmental, endangered species, transportation, law enforcement, emergency management and medical applications.

Software Engineering

GTRI delivers software engineering solutions. We have extensive experience with software engineering methodologies, tools and environments, distributed computing systems and mechanisms for computer security.

Information Sharing

We design and implement information sharing solutions. Our experts integrate processes for creating, capturing, organizing, accessing and using the information and knowledge resources of an enterprise. GTRI provides information sharing solutions for law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security and health industries.

Information Security

GTRI solves critical information security issues for customers. Our expertise in firewalls; electronic commerce and data encryption; public and private key encryption; automatic security testing; intrusion detection; and hardware- and software-based authentication allow us to develop revolutionary security solutions.

Modeling and Simulation

We conduct interdisciplinary research in information systems modeling and simulation. Modeling and simulation application areas include energy, environment, transportation, product and system design, medicine and homeland security. GTRI experts are leaders in the development of interoperation and communication standards that allow implementation of large-scale system modeling.