Strengthening our state

GTRI has a long history of solving challenging technical problems for Georgia’s state, city and county governments. We deliver forward-thinking research and implement real-world solutions that allow state agencies to:

  • Keep residents safe
  • Protect the state's environment
  • Protect residents' health
  • Educate residents
  • Build the state’s economy

Some highlights of our pioneering work for Georgia include:

  • Groundbreaking research in food processing technology
  • A statewide communications system that enables interoperability among public safety organizations
  • Technologies that better predict tornado activity at the Severe Storm Research Center
  • Technology and policy assistance and emergency preparedness evaluation for state school systems
  • A program that promotes telecommunications access for advanced learning among K-12 students in Georgia public schools
  • Monitoring air quality for Georgia’s vehicle emissions program
  • Radiation testing for Georgia’s drinking water
  • Supporting the Georgia General Assembly with policy analysis and subject matter expertise in a wide range of science and technology issues
  • Stimulating dialogue between technologists and policymakers to shape public policy regarding science and technology
  • Working with the Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council, which has conducted a statewide audit of geospatial capabilities at county, regional and state levels to achieve governmental data interoperability and enhanced delivery of services to Georgia citizens

To learn more about GTRI’s solutions for state agencies, browse the solution areas below or our state case studies.

Emergency Management

Through our information technology and networking leadership, we helped the Georgia Office of Homeland Security implement a state-wide communications system that enables interoperability among Georgia's first responder agencies.

Food Processing / Agricultural Technologies

GTRI creates innovative new technologies for Georgia's poultry industry and the food processing industry in general. We develop automation, information, food safety, worker safety and environmental technologies to improve food processing operations and efficiency.

Safe Environment (Air / Water Quality)

Our researchers monitor air quality for Georgia's vehicle emissions program, study indoor air quality and perform radiation testing for Georgia's drinking water. We conduct research to demonstrate connections between health, the environment and quality of life.

Safe Environment (Workplace Safety / OSHA)

GTRI offers a free, confidential occupational safety and health consultation program. As part of this program, GTRI consultants visit hundreds of Georgia small companies and help them meet workplace safety standards established by OSHA. Our experts also help customers with compliance oversight for environmental emergency response and occupational safety and health issues.

Criminal Justice

GTRI upgraded Georgia's law enforcement and justice system information networks to allow Georgia counties to systematically pool information about criminal activity and other court-related matters.

K-12 Support (Foundations for the Future)

Through its Foundations for the Future (F3) program, GTRI provides resources, technical assistance and professional development opportunities to help Georgia K-12 educators incorporate technology into their classrooms. We also develop cyber-safety programs for children and teens.

Severe Storm Research

Our researchers develop technologies to better predict tornado activity. Through our Severe Storms Research Center, we help Georgia's emergency agencies quickly respond to weather information and keep Georgians safe.

Information Sharing

We conduct a broad range of research in computer science, information technology, communications and networking.

You can find detailed descriptions of GTRI's eight research laboratories by visiting our research laboratory overview page.