Tactical Systems Technology Refresh

The Applied Systems Laboratory performs applied research, design, development, and prototyping of technology refresh solutions that greatly reduce the size, weight and power of legacy tactical systems. Technology refresh solutions provide obsolescence protection for fielded tactical systems and can significantly extend the service life of military systems. Design of these systems often includes introduction of modern algorithms and system design for interoperability, radar engineering, track-while-scan tracking, track fusion, sensors/seekers, aerodynamics, guidance and control, target discrimination, threat evaluation and engagement planning, endgame performance, data link protocols, command and control (C2) shelters, single integrated air picture, electronic attack, electronic detection, survivability, live fire support, and telemetry.

Examples of ASL research involving Tactical Systems Technology Refresh include:

  • Adoption of COTS technology into legacy proprietary tactical systems
  • Digital interface and protocol design for analog legacy radar and launcher systems, upper echelon and missile battery data link interfaces, data link emulators and high fidelity tactical system simulators
  • Prototyping of components for modeling and simulation to facilitate six degrees of freedom (6-DOF) simulations, software-in-the-loop (SWIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) simulations, and analysis of tactical system data collected during live fire demonstrations