Open Systems Standards and Architectures

ELSYS provides a breadth of Open Architecture expertise in analysis, design, and implementation for system factors encompassing software, hardware, and functional decomposition. The laboratory has been intimately involved with the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) initiative since its inception, working directly with sponsor organizations (such as NAVAIR and Army PEO Aviation) and has created the standards and processes for both the Hardware Open Systems Technology (HOST) and Functional Architecture for Strategic Reuse (FASTR) efforts to provide a complete systems focus for Open Architectures in DoD environments. The laboratory also performs work with other Open Architecture standards and approaches such as Open Mission Systems (OMS) and Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA™). Our experts have extensive experience with industry hardware and software open standards and applies these industry and military open standards in the development of systems delivering open, robust architectures owned by our sponsors.