Materials and Microdevices

EOSL’s capabilities in advanced materials and devices includes a comprehensive range of facilities and laboratories for the growth, synthesis, and characterization of optical/electronic materials, nanomaterials, semiconductor materials theory, device theory and technology. Our technology areas include expertise in: thin film materials deposition, device fabrication and testing; phosphor synthesis, characterization and applications; nanoparticle, nanocomposite and nanostructure development; RF, T/R modules, microwave and other electronic circuit design, assembly, packaging and testing. Our experts explore application-focused materials development related to healthcare, as well as energy capture, storage, and delivery. Our Phosphor Technology Center of Excellence focuses on luminescent material synthesis and applications, including quantum dots, micro or nano phosphors, and polymer or glass matrix nanocomposites embedded with light-emitting nanoparticles. These materials have been incorporated into devices and applied for radiation detection, medical imaging, lighting, display, sensing, tagging, solar cells and drug screening etc. These work have been funded by US Government awards from DHS, NIH, DTRA, DoE, etc. and industrial support from dozens of companies