Human Systems Integration

ELSYS’s Human Systems Integration (HSI) research program provides a systematic approach for understanding, designing for, and evaluating human performance within complex systems. With expertise spanning each of the HSI disciplines (Human Factors Engineering, Manpower, Personnel, Training, Habitability, Systems Safety, Occupational Health, and Force Protection and Survivability) our team provides expertise in all aspects of human performance and decision making, including requirements analysis, future capability identification, modeling and simulation, user-centered design, rapid prototyping, and test and evaluation.

Applied research in this field is primarily focused on the research, development and application of HSI tools and methods to the design, development, and evaluation of complex systems. This includes the following activities:

  • Conducting research on human performance
  • Performing analyses of human behavior in engineered systems
  • Designing and testing hardware and software user interfaces
  • Developing conceptual and computational models of human behavior and human performance at the individual, team, and societal levels
  • Identifying criteria related to personnel, manpower, and training issues associated with complex systems
  • Assessing safety and occupational health issues, personnel survivability issues, and human habitability issues in the context of complex system design and operation