Data Analytics for Ballistic Missile Defense System

Using test-based technical information and data analytics, the Applied Systems Laboratory (ASL) conducts engineering test and performance analysis to assess the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) capability based on test, simulation, real-world, and warfighter events. ASL researchers support system capabilities and limitations studies, upgrade assessments, and mission performance assessment in support of BMDS capability fielding decisions.

Examples of ASL research involving Data Analytics for Ballistic Missile Defense System include:

  • Development of pre-mission requirements, analysis of system performance for flight and ground tests, execution analysis, and BMDS assessments across test campaigns supporting capability declarations and capability and limitations reporting
  • Design and development of software for BMDS performance analysis focusing on data translation and normalization, system performance, interoperability, analysis report generation, automated track association algorithms, 3-D visualization analysis tools, and underlying framework libraries (mathematics, physics, database, etc.)
  • Provide data analytics and data warehousing of large BMDS flight and ground test data sets