Assured Software, Algorithms, and Information

CIPHER develops and implements rigorous analytical methods to assure the security and integrity of data, software, algorithms, and cyber-connected devices. Research areas of interest include assurance of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, trusted software and systems, quantum information processing,  and analysis techniques in information theory and related mathematical domains.


Diagram with a gray maze with labels of locations for the keys, lava, door and goal.
Shukla, Y.,  Gao, W., Sarathy, V., Velasquez, A., Wright, R., Sinapov, J.
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CODEX: A Cluster-Based Method
Timothy K. Mathes, Jessica Inman, Andrés Colón, Simon Khan
CODEX: A Cluster-Based Method for Explainable Reinforcement Learning
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Publication image 1
Yash Shukla, Kaleb Loar, Robert Wright, Jivko Sinapov
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Jonathan C Balloch, Julia Kim, Jessica L Inman, Mark O. Riedl
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Publication image 2
Jonathan Balloch, Zhiyu Lin, Mustafa Hussain, Aarun Srinivas, Robert Wright, Xiangyu Peng, Julia Kim, Mark Riedl
NovGrid: A Flexible Grid World for Evaluating Agent Response to Novelty
Proceedings of the AAAI Spring Symposium on Designing Artificial Intelligence for Open Worlds (2022)
Publication image 3
Saad–Falcon, Alex, Jonathan Andreasen, J. Clayton Kerce, Ryan S. Westafer, Jonathan P. Beaudeau, J. Michael McKinney, Christopher F. Barnes
Abstraction and Acceleration of Tensor Processing for Element-Level Digital Arrays
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Publication image 4
Kohls, Noah D., Andy X. Zheng, Joshua Kim, Greg Mohler, Yi Chen Mazumdar
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Publication image 5
Sarkar, Anirban, BN Shivakiran Bhaktha, Jonathan Andreasen.
Replica symmetry breaking in a weakly scattering optofluidic random LASER
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