Applied Systems Engineering

With a focus on saving our sponsors both time and money in regards to the acquisition choices they make, ELSYS evolves away from static document-centric process towards dynamic model-centric systems engineering tools. ELSYS systems engineering programs provide methodologies, tools, education, and leadership to support acquisition and life-cycle sustainment decisions. Our experts work across the acquisition phases to help decision makers optimize the design trade space for a spectrum on systems by providing tools to support the DoD Acquisition range of concerns, from blank sheet ideas to specific technology upgrades. We also work in the sustainment phases to model existing system architectures for technical baseline capture, enabling more agile upgrades and improved knowledge capture.

ELSYS is a leader in the development and application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The research and development of methods and application of MBSE spans from individual systems to systems-of-systems and family of systems across DoD and industry sponsors. One of our primary discriminators is how we combine software and systems engineering expertise to build, deliver, and facilitate the use of collaborative MBSE tools for our DoD acquisition and Program Management stakeholders. By combining commercially available tools and development of customer-tailored frameworks, ELSYS provides unique solutions to sponsors enabling their teams and projects to successfully execute modern systems engineering. ELSYS is a leader in the development of methods and automated frameworks to empower the use and application of MBSE, including the development of decision support toolsets, providing subject matter experts with the means to communicate the intricacies and impacts of decisions to senior leaders within an organization.