Advanced Research in Computing and Artificial Intelligence

The Advanced Research in Computing and Artificial Intelligence Division (ARCAID) develops enabling technology and concepts in artificial intelligence and advanced computing for the benefit of the US national security sector and the the greater public good. These developments include nurturing foundational concepts in AI, leading critical path exploratory and experimental investigations, and prototyping AI applications that will allow the US to remain at the forefront of algorithm development in both the physical and information domains.

We seek input and perspective from all available backgrounds, both cultural and scientific, to inform potential innovation pathways and examine associated risks for our organization and sponsors. The social and security issues arising from artificial intelligence create fast moving opportunities and challenges that are best addressed in an open, deliberate, and rapid manner.  Due to the transformational nature of AI in technology and society, we foster an environment where colleagues can openly debate, disagree, and share concerns and mistakes without fear of embarrassment or retribution.