Requesting Space

The GTRI Event Space Request Form must be submitted to GTRI in order for an event to be booked. No booking is final until the requestor has received email confirmation.

Event space at the GTRI Conference Center is for GTRI-sponsored events, internal organizational meetings, Georgia Tech events, or Board of Regents, University System of Georgia, Federal or State events, in accordance with the Georgia Board of Regents’ “Use of Board of Regents Property” policy. GTRI-sponsored activities and events involving research sponsors will have priority.  GTRI restricts reservations to the organizations listed above, and organizations that had previously been allowed to use the space are not guaranteed future approvals. ALL event requests are individually evaluated and once requests are approved, the using organizations must fill out and submit the GTRI Conference Center Licensing Agreement.

Adherence to the following guidelines will enhance the overall experience and improve logistics of events in the GTRI Conference Center. 

  1. GTRI reserves the right to limit bookings for non-GTRI organizations to 60 days prior to an event. For example: A non-GTRI organization contacting GTRI on June 1 can only book an event between June 1 and July 31. If a requestor wishes to book an event Sept. 15, he or she would have to wait until July 15 to submit the request. The requested event may still be pre-empted by a GTRI, Georgia Institute of Technology or University System of Georgia/Board of Regents.
  2. Non-GTRI organizations are generally limited to no more than three events on the conference center calendar at any given time. This includes sub-groups affiliated with larger organizations, such as task forces, committees or councils.


The GTRI Conference Center has an in-house catering kitchen for customer use. However, the facility does not offer on-site catering services. 

No food or drink may be served in the GTRI Conference Center without prior notification to the GTRI event staff.

No food is allowed in the Auditorium; however, drinks with lids and bottled-water are allowed. Catering vendors must provide lids if drinks are served at an event.

Catering vendors must enter the building at the loading dock when making deliveries.

Alcohol Policies & Procedures

No alcoholic beverages may be served in the GTRI Conference Center without prior approval.

The prevailing policy on the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Georgia Institute of Technology campus applies to all events held in the GTRI Conference Facility. It is the user’s responsibility to know and implement the Georgia Institute of Technology Alcohol Policy which states in general, "no alcoholic beverages may be served at any event unless prior approval is received from the Georgia Institute of Technology Business Office."

All requests must be submitted through the online form.

A copy of the approved form should also be sent to GTRI Conference Center Event Coordinator. All users are responsible for following the guidelines outlined in the Georgia Institute of Technology Alcohol Policy.

Lost Articles

Neither GTRI nor Georgia Institute of Technology will be responsible for equipment or personal items left in the GTRI Conference Center. Items found will be returned to the front desk of the GTRI Conference Center building. Please contact a member of the GTRI event staff for information concerning any lost items. 


All organizations using the GTRI Conference Center must consult in advance with the GTRI Conference Center audio/visual staff. Use of outside A/V vendors must be approved and coordinated in advance. 


The GTRI parking deck is operated and maintained by the Georgia Tech Parking & Transportation Office. Prior to an approved event, please contact the GTRI Events Coordinator at (404) 407-6017 to coordinate.

Parking is not allowed in front of the GTRI building; all guests must park in the GTRI parking deck. Buses are not allowed to turn into the GTRI Conference Facility because there is no room to turn around or sufficient roof clearance to access the parking deck. GTRI event staff must be notified in advance if any buses will be coming to the GTRI Conference Facility.


All deliveries of equipment, displays, etc. must enter and exit through the GTRI loading docks and not the front entrance of the building. 


The approved requestor assumes responsibility for any and all damages caused by the requestor, its invitees, agents, employees, or contractors.


Georgia Tech is a tobacco-free campus, as such, smoking is not allowed anywhere within the GTRI Building or on the Conference Center property. This policy also includes other tobacco products.

Pets / Animals

For sanitation and safety reasons and as required by the Georgia Institute of Technology, pets are not allowed in the GTRI building except for service, disability or research purposes.


For more information about booking an event, please contact:

Shelly Ward