Case Studies

Case Studies
June 28, 1999Quiet Curtains for Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hotels and Offices
November 9, 1999Reducing VOC: New polymer coating process
January 1, 2000Food safety biosensor that detects pathogens is tested in in metro Atlanta processing plant
February 6, 2000Internet-Based Design Tools Will Aid Traffic Management Center Planners in Minimizing Chance for Operator Mistakes
February 21, 2000New Technologies to Increase Tornado Warning Time
March 1, 2000Remote Sensing Boosts Efforts to Protect Mountain Gorillas & Rebuild Rwanda's Economy
March 23, 2000Online Search Tool Organizes Information Into Electronic Books
June 29, 2000Engineers Merge Two Technologies to Improve Inspection of Wooden Power Pole Crossarms
August 1, 2000Fuel Cell Research Center's Innovations to Promote Sustainable Energy Sources
September 10, 2000The Severe Storms Research Center: Developing New Technologies to Increase Tornado Warning Time
October 24, 2000Flying Low-Drag Trucks: Aerodynamic Concepts & Controls for Aircraft Will Cut Fuel Use, Improve Control in Trucks
October 26, 2000Bringing the Information Superhighway to Rural America
November 7, 2000Improving Treatment of Odors to Minimize Impact on Communities
December 2, 2000Creating a New Networking Standard for Defense Simulations
February 6, 2001Using Information Technology to Cut Maintenance and Logistics Costs
February 16, 2001Providing Students with Real-World Experience
April 12, 2001RADAR Flashlight Could Help Police Detect Suspects Hiding Behind Doors and Walls
July 14, 2001Safer Interstate Highways With Automated Fog and Smoke Warning System
July 24, 20013D Visualization System Could Improve Severe Weather Forecasting
September 10, 2001Machine Vision Technology Finds Poultry Defects Before Processing
November 12, 2001Flying on Mars: Nature's Flight System Could Be the Key to Exploring the Newest Frontier
December 17, 2001Exploring the Social and Technical Issues of Voting Via the Internet
February 9, 2002The First Response: GTRI Fosters Basic and Applied Research to Enhance Emergency Response and Disaster Management
February 9, 2002Advancing the Technological and Operating Capabilities of the Food Processing Industry
February 9, 2002The Nanoelectronic Road Ahead