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April 11, 20073D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency While Reducing Size, Weight and Complexity of Photovoltaic Arrays Systems Engineering
July 24, 20013D Visualization System Could Improve Severe Weather ForecastingSensor Technologies
May 29, 2012A Cut Above: Innovative Robot Uses 3-D Imaging and Sensor-based Cutting Technology to Debone PoultrySystems Engineering
Sensor Technologies
March 8, 2007A Stronger Warning: Researchers Patent Digital Process for Aircraft Radar Warning ReceiversSystems Engineering
Sensor Technologies
Test and Evaluation
March 28, 2013Acoustic Time Delay Device Could Reduce the Size and Cost of Phased Array Systems Sensor Technologies
March 12, 2012Advanced Manufacturing Research: Georgia Tech Innovations Help Expand U.S. Industrial Capabilities and Enhance CompetitivenessTest and Evaluation
January 22, 2009Aeroacoustics Research on UAVs Could Lead to Stealthier SurveillanceInformation and Communication Technologies
January 5, 2005Aerodynamic Improvements & Flow Control System Boost Fuel Efficiency in Heavy Trucks Systems Engineering
July 10, 2014Agile Aperture Antenna Tested on Aircraft to Survey Ground Emitters, Maintain Satellite ConnectionSensor Technologies
Information and Communication Technologies
May 12, 2015Air Force SMC Awards GTRI $7.8 Million ContractTest and Evaluation
May 3, 2006All-Weather Landing: GTRI Studies Radar That Would Help Aircraft Land in Low-Visibility Conditions Systems Engineering
Sensor Technologies
August 29, 2016Amazon Web Services joins Georgia Tech’s CDAITInformation and Communication Technologies
April 22, 2013Anatomy of a Blast: Researchers Develop Sensor System to Assess the Effects of Explosions on SoldiersSensor Technologies
February 3, 2010Arthritis simulation gloves aid companies in designing easy-to-use productsTest and Evaluation
March 10, 2006Assessing Indoor Air: New Test Facility Will Help Manufacturers Improve the Environment Inside Buildings Test and Evaluation
January 22, 2008Asthma Attack: Vest-based Sensors Monitor Environmental Exposure to Help Understand CausesSensor Technologies
July 14, 2005Augmented Reality Technology May Bridge Communication Gap in Poultry Processing Plants Information and Communication Technologies
September 7, 2016AVIA Provides Test and Evaluation for Autonomy SystemsSensor Technologies
Test and Evaluation
June 5, 2017Baseball Launcher Competition Makes Science Fun for StudentsSTEM
January 31, 2005Better, Stronger, Faster: New Military Vehicle Will Improve Safety and Efficiency for Marine Corps Systems Engineering
October 26, 2000Bringing the Information Superhighway to Rural America Information and Communication Technologies
November 14, 2013Carbon Nanotube Electron Field Emitters Will Get Space TestingTest and Evaluation
March 23, 2002Chem-Bio Sensor May Make Detection of Chemical and Biological Agents Easier and FasterSensor Technologies
February 18, 2014Chemical Companion Evolves from Information Resource to Sophisticated Decision-Support SystemSensor Technologies
March 6, 2007Chlorine's Casualties and Counsel: GTRI Scientists and Engineers Assist in Aftermath of Chlorine Spill Information and Communication Technologies