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Sensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)



August 14, 2013Next-Generation Electronic Warfare Development Targets Fully Adaptive Threat Response Technology
December 11, 2012Monitoring Hurricanes: Georgia Tech Engineers Assist NASA with Instrument for Remotely Measuring Storm Intensity
July 25, 2012Radar Renewal: Phased Array Technology Could Improve Reliability, Capabilities of Air Traffic Control System
February 3, 2012Storm Studies: Low-Cost Instrument Developed by High School Students Could Aid Severe Weather Research
October 25, 2011Low-cost Paper-based Wireless Sensor Could Help Detect Explosive Devices
April 25, 2011Radar Analysis Shows Promise for Detecting Concussions in Athletes and Soldiers
December 14, 2010Phased-Array Radar: GTRI Supports Test and Evaluation of Next Generation Jammer
March 2, 2010NASA Grant Enables Development of Novel Radar to Map Ice Formations Remotely
August 7, 2008Severe Storms Research Center Seeks to Increase Georgia’s Defenses Against Twisters
May 3, 2006All-Weather Landing: GTRI Studies Radar That Would Help Aircraft Land in Low-Visibility Conditions
December 9, 2005Nanoengineered Silicon-Germanium Microchips May Herald New Applications from Radar to Space Exploration
November 8, 2002Space-based Radar Operating from Microsatellite Cluster Will Provide New Military Capabilities
May 8, 2002Unique Antenna Ensures Crew Communications on the International Space Station
September 10, 2000The Severe Storms Research Center: Developing New Technologies to Increase Tornado Warning Time
February 21, 2000New Technologies to Increase Tornado Warning Time