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Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)



April 9, 2014GTRI a Prize Winner in DARPA Spectrum Challenge
August 21, 2013STEM Outreach: Georgia Tech Supports the Goal of Attracting the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers
November 28, 2012Protecting Children: Online Tool Creates Personalized Catch-Up Immunization Schedules
June 26, 2012Georgia Tech and Veterans Health Administration Collaborate to Accelerate Health IT Innovation
December 9, 2010Preserving History: GTRI Assists National Archives of United Kingdom in Identifying Archival Files
October 4, 2010Video Teleconferencing: Direct to Discovery Project Launched in Rahan, Ireland
August 3, 2010Serious Gaming: Entertainment Technology Yields Results for Research Ranging from Defense to K-12 Education
June 9, 2010Students Aim for a ‘Milestone’ at the Dare to Be Digital Video Game Competition
April 20, 2010Interactive High-Definition Connection Brings University Research to K-12 Schools
December 11, 2009I Spy A Red Balloon: Georgia Tech Team Wins Key Insights in DARPA Network Challenge
July 31, 2008GTRI to Develop Technology Roadmap for Test and Evaluation of Unmanned and Autonomous Systems
January 16, 2008GTVC: Mapping Tool Allows Emergency Management Personnel to Visually Track Resources
May 22, 2006Data Sharing: GTRI Assists U.S. Government Agencies with National Information Exchange Model
February 28, 2006Crisis Talk: GTRI Helps Implement Statewide Interoperable Communications System
October 3, 2005New High-speed Wireless Internet Technology Shows Potential for Improving Education in Rural Areas
October 28, 2004Real-time Testing for PKU: First-ever Self-monitoring Device Under Development for Rare Genetic Disorder
July 15, 2004Collaboration and Visualization Tool Improves Incident Planning and Response for Emergency Management Officials
June 17, 2004Homeland Security: Georgia Tech Helps Provide Foundation for New Justice Information Sharing Initiative
June 2, 2002Long-Distance Collaboration Between Georgia Tech and Industry Helps Provide Faster Ethernet Service
December 17, 2001Exploring the Social and Technical Issues of Voting Via the Internet
December 2, 2000Creating a New Networking Standard for Defense Simulations
October 26, 2000Bringing the Information Superhighway to Rural America
June 29, 2000Engineers Merge Two Technologies to Improve Inspection of Wooden Power Pole Crossarms
March 23, 2000Online Search Tool Organizes Information Into Electronic Books