GTRI’s Machine Services, located on the Georgia Tech campus, is an active machine shop with more than 90 tools and four types of PC programming/design applications available. The unique combination of tools, software, location and expertise allows the shop to support not only GTRI’s and Georgia Tech’s research projects, but customers from other colleges and universities around the country, as well. The shop also provides hands-on experience for GT undergraduate and graduate students.
The employees of Machine Services are committed to quality and devoted to quick turnaround times. The shop provides the ability to design, fabricate, assemble, repair and modify individual parts or entire mechanical devices while staying within budget and timeframe – all without compromising quality.

From a tiny device used in heart medicine research to an inspection robot that identifies corrosion inside helicopter fuel tanks to a test facility that conducts wide bandwidth ballistic imaging and radar cross-section measurements of full-sized aircraft, the work that Machine Services does ranges from massive, multi-part pieces of equipment to tiny parts requiring the use of magnification. The shop contributed to the following projects:

  • A special antenna for the airlock on the International Space Station
  • Parts for the first 10 Olympic torches created in conjunction with the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta
  • Parts for a U.S. Air Force test facility believed to be the only one of its kind in the world that conducts wide bandwidth, bistatic imaging and radar cross-section measurements of full-sized aircraft
  • Building the large wind tunnel for Eglin Air Force Base

Time, budget and quality are always the focus of the shop’s efforts. Small jobs, such as modification of flanges, can often be completed within a day. Larger jobs, such as design and fabrication of airfoils or other multi-part structures, may require as little as two days or as much as several weeks, depending on the complexity of the job.

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