At GTRI, our team-based approach to supporting customers allows our over 2,000 dedicated researchers and staff to have the flexibility they need be creative and truly innovative. We understand the importance of providing a culture where our employees can flourish and advance their careers.


Learn more about traditions here at GTRI and at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech Traditions

GTRI Traditions

  • Friday Morning Seminars – In an effort to increase visibility of the work done across all of GTRI, the Friday Morning Seminar series, introduced in 2015, to feature the very best of GTRI research. Offered on the second and fourth Friday of each month, in the GTRI Conference Center auditorium, the seminars are presented to the GTRI community with coffee, an update from Director Gerber on the world within and without GTRI, and then the technical seminar.
  • Hawaiian Shirt Day – Every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day will unofficially be Hawaiian Shirt Day (participation is optional).

Awards and Recognition

GTRI values exceptional achievement among our researchers, staff, and students.

GTRI Awards Council

The GTRI Awards Council, established in 1996, ensures qualified GTRI members receive national recognition through awards, honors, and higher levels of membership in their respective professional societies. The Council’s objectives are to encourage qualified GTRI employees to pursue deserving recognition and to provide guidance to young professionals.

The Council accepts nominations or recommendations from any member of the GTRI staff, and will assist with nominations or serve as nominators when necessary.

GTRI participates in well over 200 professional societies. 

GTRI Recognitions

  • GTRI Distinguished Performance Awards
  • Georgia Tech Faculty Honors
  • GTRI Authored Books
  • GTRI Fellows
  • GTRI Honors
  • GTRI Patents Issued
  • PhD Recipients by Year
  • Professional Society Honors
  • Spot and Star Awards