San Diego, CA Field Office

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About San Diego CA Field Office

The GTRI San Diego Field Office is located in Liberty Station next to the San Diego International Airport. The field office supports a broad range of projects targeted at cyber security; situational awareness; command and control; network engineering; security engineering; and telecommunications. Our clients include Department of Defense and Intelligence Community organizations. The San Diego Field Office provides onsite technical capability and engineering prowess and we can readily reach back as appropriate to GTRI’s Atlanta-based laboratories.

From San Diego International Airport

  1. Start out going WEST toward SPRUANCE RD.
  2. Turn RIGHT onto N HARBOR DR.
  3. Turn RIGHT onto LANING RD.
  4. Take the 3rd RIGHT onto TRUXTUN RD.
  5. 2445 TRUXTUN RD is on the RIGHT. (Your destination is just past WOMBLE RD * If you reach ROOSEVELT RD you've gone about 0.1 miles too far.)
See MapQuest directions.

Please contact San Diego West Coast Operations office to learn if there are mass transit options.

Visitor Procedures

The following procedures shall be adhered to when visiting GTRI facilities:

  1. Guests must check in with the on-duty contract guard.
  2. All guests will have their identity verified via photo identification.
  3. The on-duty contract guard will contact the GTRI person to be visited who will be responsible for their guests.
  4. Representatives of the federal government, when acting in their official capacity as inspectors, investigators or auditors, may visit GTRI facilities without advance notification, provided these representatives present appropriate government credentials upon arrival.
  5. All guests will be issued a badge as a form of identity to verify they have been properly vetted by the on-duty contract guard.

Contact the following for additional information regarding visit requests:

Research Security Help Desk
Phone: 404-407-6661

When you request to visit, please have the name and phone number of your GTRI point of contact available.