Swarm vs. Swarm: Student Teams Compete in Service Academies Swarm Challenge – with GTRI Assistance

What does the future of air-to-air combat sound like? At this point, it could sound very much like a swarm of angry bees. That's how researcher Michael Day described the recent DARPA Service Academies Swarm Challenge, which pitted mixed groups of up to 25 highly autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on a side against one another in a next-generation version of the traditional "capture the flag" game.

Tarzan Robot Swings on Cables to Monitor Crops in the Field

A two-armed robot named Tarzan, swinging along elevated cables could allow farmers to monitor fields continuously at lower cost while avoiding interference with plants.

Electronic Systems Laboratory Team Brings in 50K with Pediatric Medical Device Competition Win

Dr. Jud Ready and Alexandra Lewis from GTRI's Electronic Systems Laboratory received $50,000 during the "Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!" competition sponsored by the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation.

White Hats, Black Hats, and Grey Matter: Tackling Cybersecurity

As the storm of demand for cybersecurity solutions and talent grows, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers, faculty members, and students are tackling cybersecurity from multiple angles.

NSF Supports New Mentoring Initiative for Underrepresented Minority Faculty

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $300,000 grant to a multi-university team to support expanded mentoring and advocacy networking opportunities for underrepresented minority engineering faculty.

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Urban Challenges are Creating Smart Cities

Cities have been around for thousands of years, so urbanization is hardly a new phenomenon — but it’s happening now at an unprecedented pace.

Georgia Tech Researcher Provides Expert Testimony to Congress

Gary McMurray testified before a Congressional committee, offering expert testimony on the importance of agricultural funding, research and innovation.

Baseball Launcher Competition Makes Science Fun for Students

More than 100 Metro Atlanta students, teachers, parents and volunteers gathered at the Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center earlier this month for the finale of a competition that combines STEM education and baseball.

Engineer by Day, Georgia Tech Sports Photographer By Night

Alumnus Danny Karnik is a research engineer in the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Outside of office hours, Karnik captures the action on the field.

Georgia Tech to host 7th National SeaPerch Challenge Underwater Robotics Championships

More than 1,500 students, teachers, coaches and other participants will attend the 7th National SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Championships hosted by GTRI.