ELSYS Establishes Test Engineering Division

Published: July 5, 2012

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The Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS) within the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has expanded by adding the new Test Engineering Division, effective July 1, 2012.

Comprised of 63 people, moved from other divisions within ELSYS, Director Joe Brooks says the new division was necessary, with the amount of integrated support stations and test infrastructure projects the lab is receiving.  Three existing branches within ELSYS—Defensive Systems Branch, Test Systems Branch and the Robins Research Branch—will now be located within this division.

“The division will be responsible for building and support of test equipment and facilities for the U.S. Army and Air Force,” Brooks said, adding that the lab had already been assisting with these customers’ projects. “We have rebalanced ELSYS to handle the growing work.”

Principal Research Engineer Adrienne J. Harrington, whose combined tenure with GTRI equals more than three decades, will head up this new division, Brooks said. “Adrienne has led this type of work within ELSYS for many years,” Brooks said.

Principal research engineer since 2007, Harrington served as the associate chief for the Systems Engineering Division within ELSYS since 2010. A member of the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) since 2000, her fields of interest include defense systems and electronic countermeasures.