Health and Human Systems

Keeping People Healthier

GTRI's interdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers and clinicians deliver systems-based, real-world solutions to complex health problems. We develop innovative technologies that solve some of society’s most challenging health-related issues.

Our collaborative teams develop new medical devices, enhance assistive technologies and address point-of-care needs. We also apply sensor technology developed for the U.S. military to solve some health-related technical problems.

To learn more about GTRI healthcare solutions, select a category below or browse our health and human systems case studies.

Accessibility / Assistive Technologies

GTRI helps improve product and technology accessibility for disabled persons. We make ordinary products like coffeemakers, golf clubs, photocopiers, cell phones and other devices usable by persons with disabilities. We also develop innovative technologies that provide a new level of accessibility to the visually and hearing impaired and those with impaired mobility.

Medical Device Technologies

Our researchers are focused on developing innovative in-home and point-of-care medical devices. GTRI utilizes its expertise in multiple sensor technologies, imaging, information technologies, device fabrication and systems engineering to provide clinically relevant diagnostic and treatment solutions. These devices are typically developed in collaboration with clinicians and biomedical companies. Our researchers are experienced in support of clinical trials and FDA certification requirements.

Health Information Technologies

Our experts provide solutions to unique and complex healthcare problems involving electronic patient records, health information exchange, imaging and visualization systems, and public health and emergency response systems. GTRI researchers are involved in software development, information security, database systems, medical decision support and intelligent information analysis.

Clinical Performance Systems

GTRI performs a wide range of technology developments that support increased efficiencies in managing and operating health care facilities. These technologies included logistic systems for tracking patients and verifying pharmaceuticals, analyzing workflow efficiencies and information management systems.

Community Clinic Technologies

Community clinics provide an essential component to the national healthcare infrastructure by providing medical and dental care to millions of uninsured patients every year. GTRI develops unique solutions that support low-cost, high quality healthcare required by these clinics. Our researchers are developing open source software solutions for electronic medical and dental records, systemic care decision aides, patient-centered care technologies and interactive media education systems that help clinics perform therapeutic and preventative treatments.

Safe Environment (Workplace Safety / OSHA)

GTRI offers a free, confidential occupational safety and health consultation program. As part of this program, GTRI consultants visit hundreds of Georgia small companies and help them meet workplace safety standards established by OSHA. Our experts also help customers with compliance oversight for environmental emergency response and occupational safety and health issues.

Safe Environment (Air / Water Quality)

Our researchers monitor air quality for Georgia’s vehicle emissions program, study indoor air quality and perform radiation testing for Georgia’s drinking water. We conduct research to demonstrate connections between health, the environmental and quality of life.