Energy / Environment

Making the World Greener

GTRI is a leading applied research and development center that develops energy and environmental solutions. In addition to working with industry, we work with the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our scientific and engineering expertise is used to:

  • Develop new and alternative energy sources
  • Improve air quality
  • Improve water quality
  • Protect the environment
  • Enhance energy efficiencies
  • Improve workplace safety

GTRI’s energy work helps companies conserve and cut costs. Our environmental technologies help companies maintain a cleaner, healthier work environment and keep workers safe on the job.

To learn more about GTRI’s energy and environment solutions, select a category below or browse our energy / environment case studies.

Fuel Cells / Alternative Energy

GTRI experts help advance alternative energy and storage technologies in a variety of applications, including fuel cells, solar energy, batteries, super capacitors and biofuels. We utilize advanced systems engineering and simulation techniques to evaluate the effects of energy production and distribution technologies on power infrastructure and management.

Green Technologies / Energy Efficiency

Our environmental and energy work focuses on development and evaluation of techniques and technologies that reduce the impact of energy and water usage and waste removal on the environment. In particular, GTRI researchers provide expertise in the health and environmental effects of green technologies, such as indoor air quality and water reuse.

Food Processing / Agricultural Technologies

We develop innovative technologies that improve food processing efficiency and effectiveness in the poultry industry and the food processing industry in general. GTRI researchers are dedicated to control of waste products generated in the productions of food, reclamation of water for other uses and conversion of waste products into fertilizers or biofuels.

Safe Environment (Workplace Safety / OSHA)

GTRI offers a free, confidential occupational safety and health consultation program. As part of this program, GTRI consultants visit hundreds of Georgia small companies and help them meet workplace safety standards established by OSHA. Our experts also help customers with compliance oversight for environmental emergency response and occupational safety and health issues.

Safe Environment (Air / Water Quality)

Our researchers monitor air quality for Georgia’s vehicle emissions program, study indoor air quality and perform radiation testing for Georgia’s drinking water. We conduct research to demonstrate connections between health, the environmental and quality of life.

Energy and Environmental Modeling

GTRI conducts a broad range of research in computer science, information technology, communications and networking. Research includes the development of modeling and simulation-based energy systems analysis tools that allow organizations to evaluate different energy portfolio strategies before investing. We also provide environmental modeling for tracking of pollution, assessment of transportation infrastructure, geographical information systems (GIS) for urban and land use planning, and optimization of water availability.

Severe Storm Research

Our researchers develop advanced sensor technologies to better predict tornado activity before a storm hits. We utilize multiple sensor technologies and systems engineering to identify severe weather and precisely identify localities for warning. Our work helps Georgia’s emergency agencies quickly respond to weather information and keep Georgians safe.