GTRI Ethics & Compliance Hotline

If you have questions or concerns about GTRI’s compliance with rules, regulations and policies you are strongly encouraged to contact GTRI’s Compliance Assurance Office.

GTRI’s compliance team operates a telephone hotline in conjunction with Georgia Tech Office of Internal Auditing which makes it easy for both employees and non-employees to ask important questions and/or report compliance issues. If necessary, an impartial review of a situation is conducted to determine the best corrective action. Reviews are conducted by appropriate individuals from human resources, internal audit, research security and/or the legal department. Appropriate action is then taken. When possible, a hotline caller will receive information about the status of the report. Callers may remain anonymous – but they must provide enough detail for the situation to be investigated, if necessary.

Employees with questions about the ethical implications of past, present, or future activities are encouraged to discuss them with their immediate supervisor or any representative of GTRI’s management team. They can also make a report directly using the Georgia Tech Compliance Hotline.

Non-employees with concerns about the activities of GTRI, or any of the organization’s employees, are also encouraged to call the Georgia Tech Compliance Hotline.

Compliance Hotline: 1-866-294-5565

Other ways to make a report: