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Georgia Tech Ireland Teams with IntelliOne on TrafficAid® IPTV Project

Published: October 25, 2007

Atlanta, Georgia USA and Athlone, Ireland – IntelliOne Technologies, the premier traffic information company that measures roadway speed by instantly analyzing mobile phone network usage, announced today the creation of IntelliOne Europe, Ltd., with headquarters in Athlone, Ireland. The company is also announcing an industry-leading research & development (R&D) project with Georgia Tech Ireland, to create an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) interface for IntelliOne's TrafficAid personal traffic guidance system.

IntelliOne Europe will operate as a subsidiary of IntelliOne Technologies, perform R&D for next-generation mobile positioning and geospatial analysis, and manage sales and support for customers and partners throughout Europe.

"We are fully committed to investing in our Ireland-based European operations and thrilled to be participating in this exciting IPTV project with GT Ireland," says IntelliOne CEO Ronald Herman. "Delivering TrafficAid to digital cable subscribers through partners will complete our 'three-screen' content delivery strategy: personal traffic guidance on the Web, mobile devices and now IP television."

"Georgia Tech Ireland welcomes IntelliOne Europe as a partner in our digital media research initiative," states Dr. Krish Ahuja, Director and General Manager. "We believe live and interactive traffic information delivered to consumers through IPTV is most compelling and look forward to collaborating with IntelliOne as we deploy our national test bed."

Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, IntelliOne developed its proprietary, patented Roadway Speed Measurement System based on the fact that wireless devices in motion communicate constantly with multiple towers, generating reports used by mobile operators to maintain and optimize their networks. The IntelliOne data results in "as-it-happens traffic reporting," greatly surpassing current collection methods such as in-road detectors, cameras and helicopters.

About IntelliOne

IntelliOne’s breakthrough technology and turnkey approach converts ordinary network data into mobile phone locations and live speed information for most every roadway, then delivers the high-value, high-demand content to consumers through easy-to-use applications on three screens. ( IntelliOne and TrafficAid are registered trademarks of IntelliOne Technologies Corporation.

About Georgia Tech Ireland

Located in Athlone, Ireland, Georgia Tech Ireland is a not-for-profit organization focusing on industry research and development needs. Working closely with colleagues at Irish universities, the Georgia Institute of Technology (one of America’s leading engineering universities) and with corporate partners, GT Ireland is helping companies convert their promising new ideas into workable technologies through industry-focused research and development that bridges the gap between academic discovery and commercial success. Core research areas include medical devices, radio frequency identification, Internet Protocol television, and energy. (