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June 15, 2017Georgia Tech Researcher Provides Expert Testimony to Congress
May 12, 2017Georgia Tech to host 7th National SeaPerch Challenge Underwater Robotics Championships
December 12, 2016Georgia Tech: At the Forefront of the Health Informatics Revolution
September 7, 2016AVIA Provides Test and Evaluation for Autonomy Systems
August 29, 2016Health Informatics Pioneer Brings Expertise to GTRI
August 29, 2016Amazon Web Services joins Georgia Tech’s CDAIT
July 18, 2016Light-Trapping 3-D Solar Cells Undergo Space Testing
June 22, 2016GTRI Working to Standardize Communications for the Internet of Things
March 7, 2016What Going Viral Looked Like 120 Years Ago
November 19, 2015Diamond Eye Provides Real-time Data Science to Business
November 17, 2015GTRI Assists with AARP-Published Study
November 11, 2015GTRI Collaborates with CNN on UAVs for Newsgathering
November 4, 2015iEAT Application Helps Treat Children with Feeding Disorders
October 28, 2015Cyber Security, Privacy IRI Established between Georgia Tech and GTRI
May 18, 2015Chip Architecture may Provide Quantum Computer Foundation
April 28, 2015GTRI Plays Role in Nutrition Improvement for Patients
April 28, 2015Advancing Security and Trust in Reconfigurable Devices
April 3, 2015New robotic vehicle provides a never-before-seen look under Antarctica
March 10, 2015GTRI's Tuell Named 2015 SPIE Goddard Award Winner
November 6, 2014GTRI's dynamic graph analytics tackle social media and other big data
September 16, 2014ICS-ISAC Hosts First Fall Conference at Georgia Tech
July 23, 2014BlackForest Aggregates Threat Information to Warn of Possible Cyber Attacks
July 15, 2014Improved Telemedicine System Connects Doctors to Autism Patients in Rural Georgia
July 14, 2014GTRI’s Robert McGrath Named to DOE National Laboratory Task Force
June 24, 2014Georgia Tech and CNN to Explore Media Use of UAVs in U.S. Airspace