Verifying Employment

Verify GTRI Employment

Verification of employment requests are handled by the Office of Human Resources Records Office. Requests are processed daily on a first come, first serve basis. The OHR responds to requests via fax and/or mail within five working days of receipt.

The Records Office provides standard employment information, including the employee’s dates of employment, work department and title. Salary information is provided only with the employee’s written authorization.

NOTE: Confidential information such as the employee’s social security number, home address, date of birth, home telephone number, etc. will not be provided to or confirmed for the requestor. The records office does not provide verbal verifications of employment.

To request employment verification, please complete the information below and mail or fax your request to us.

Requestor Information

  • Company rep
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company fax and telephone number

Employee Information

  • Complete name and/or former name
  • Social security number

Mail Requests to:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Attention: Records
500 Tech Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30332-0435

Fax Request to:

(404) 385-0765

Open Records Act

Requests for information that do not meet the above requirements may be made under the Open Records Act to the Office of Legal Affairs (please refer to the Legal Affairs web site for more information on the Open Records Act). Requests may be faxed to (404) 894-3120 or mailed to: Georgia Institute of Technology, Office of Legal Affairs, 400 10th Street, Centennial Research Building, Room 282, Atlanta, GA 30332-0495.