Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs' "Best Practices for Fostering Diversity & Inclusion," Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) "offer employees an opportunity to network, address shared issues and concerns, and receive support from similarly situated individuals. Federal contractors should encourage the creation of forum groups, e.g. African-American, Hispanic, AAPI, and conduct meetings with each group to discuss recruitment, outreach, mentoring, diversity, inclusion, and development programs."

ERGs at GTRI drive opportunities for employee engagement, professional development, education and training, recruitment, retention, and community outreach. Our ERGs provide resources that encourage connection and advocacy across the Institute. ERGs at GTRI serve as employee-led internal communities, providing personal connections for cohesive groups to assist the Institute in removing barriers. GTRI employees create and define our Employee Resource Groups.

We invite all GTRI employees to join an ERG that they identify with or want to support and their sponsored programs and events are open to everyone.

  • CARES@GTRI is an inclusive community for employees who identify with having a visible or invisible disability, caregivers for individuals with disabilities, and allies.
  • AFFIRMED@GTRI  is an inclusive community for employees who identify as members or allies of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • HER@GTRI is an inclusive community for employees who identify as women, inclusive of transitioning and transwomen, and allies.
  • IDENTIFY@GTRI is an inclusive community for employees who identify as minorities, persons of color, or allies.
  • EMERGE@GTRI is an inclusive community for the next generation of GTRI’s workforce: employees who identify as Generation Y/Millennials, Generation Z, and their allies.
  • SERV@GTRI aims to connect, unite, and empower GTRI veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, allies, and their family members to promote a culture of integrity, honor, service, and support.

In addition to GTRI's ERGs, Georgia Tech has its own ERGs, which are open to members of the GTRI Community. For more information on the ERGs at the Institute, visit Georgia Tech's Employee Resource Groups @Tech page.