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August 28, 2007Safe Water: Simpler Method for Analyzing Radium in Water Samples Cuts Testing Time
July 19, 2007GTRI and OSHA Team Up To Help High School Students Learn Workplace Safety
June 9, 2007Wireless Research at Georgia Tech is Opening New Doors for People with Disabilities
June 8, 2007Health and Safety Sleuths: GTRI Helps Georgia Companies Improve Workplace Safety and Lower Costs
June 8, 2007Validation and Vision: Long-term Emissions Monitoring Validates Vehicle Inspection Program and Offers Policy Insights
April 30, 2007GTRI's Occupational Safety and Health Experts Offer Safety Tips for "Weekend Warriors"
April 11, 20073D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency While Reducing Size, Weight and Complexity of Photovoltaic Arrays
March 6, 2007Chlorine's Casualties and Counsel: GTRI Scientists and Engineers Assist in Aftermath of Chlorine Spill
January 10, 2007Pavement Marking: Automated System Installs Pavement Markers, Improving Safety for Road Crews and Drivers
August 31, 2006Researchers and Students Tackle Global Sanitation Problems
August 27, 2006Flying on Hydrogen: Georgia Tech Researchers Use Fuel Cells to Power Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
July 25, 2006Improving Medical Devices: GTRI Expands Testing Capabilities to Help Reduce Potential Interference
June 11, 2006Protecting Sensitive Data: GTRI Develops Fail-Safe Techniques for Erasing Magnetic Storage Media
May 21, 2006Data Sharing: GTRI Assists U.S. Government Agencies with National Information Exchange Model
May 4, 2006A Pandemic Upon Us: Researchers Battle Avian Flu Threats to Poultry Industry and Humans
April 9, 2006First Responder's Best Friend: "Chemical Companion" Helps Hazmat Teams Make Critical Decisions
March 10, 2006Assessing Indoor Air: New Test Facility Will Help Manufacturers Improve the Environment Inside Buildings
January 16, 2006Georgia Tech Researchers Develop Portable “Vein Finder” for Faster, More Accurate Injections
December 19, 2005Evaluating Products’ Usability for People with Disabilities and Recommend Design Improvements
October 2, 2005New High-speed Wireless Internet Technology Shows Potential for Improving Education in Rural Areas
July 13, 2005Augmented Reality Technology May Bridge Communication Gap in Poultry Processing Plants
April 12, 2005Wearable Captioning System to Make Public Venues Accessible to People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
April 3, 2005Georgia Tech Advances Solar Energy Research
April 3, 2005GTRI Collaborates With the Asian Institute of Technology to Create Detailed Maps of Tsunami-Stricken Areas
February 28, 2005Tiny Towers: Carbon Nanotube Structures Could Provide More Efficient Solar Power for Soldiers