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November 4, 2009GTRI Team Studies Breath Test for Detecting Breast Cancer
November 4, 2009Testing Product Usability for Arthritis Australia
November 2, 2009Using Military Antenna Technology to Relay Ocean Data
November 2, 2009Safety First: Investigators Test Compliance of Nuclear Plant’s Warning System
October 21, 2009Improved Electric Propulsion Could Boost Satellite Lifetime
October 6, 2009New Protocols Will Test Effects of RFID Systems on Medical Devices
August 1, 2009Helping Seniors "Walk and Roll"
April 28, 2009Using Lasers to Identify Substandard Food
February 23, 2009Designing the World’s First “Purpose-Built” Law Enforcement Vehicle
December 4, 2008Health and Safety Program Marks 30 Years of Service
September 26, 2008Reducing Noise: Micro Honeycomb Materials Enable a New Physics of Sound Reduction
June 9, 2008GTRI Receives $4 Million to Redesign Modules for Air Traffic Control Radios
June 2, 2008Rising Fuel Prices Renew Interest in Fuel-Saving Technologies for Heavy Trucks
April 22, 2008Extending the Lifetimes of OLEDs Through an Improved Sealing Process
January 22, 2008Asthma Attack: Vest-based Sensors Monitor Environmental Exposure to Help Understand Causes
January 16, 2008GTVC: Mapping Tool Allows Emergency Management Personnel to Visually Track Resources
December 21, 2007GTRI Receives OSHA Grant to Develop Safety Training Program for Third-Shift Poultry Processing Workers
November 28, 2007Improving Fuel Cell Durability: Research into Better Fuel Cell Materials and Designs Starts with Studying Failures
November 20, 2007Clean Room Classic: Vacuum Evaporator Purchased 50 Years Ago Still Going Strong
November 6, 2007Car Without a Driver: Georgia Tech’s Urban Challenge Run Ends at National Qualifying Event
November 3, 2007Vision-based Screening System Detects Liner Material in Processed Foods
November 3, 2007Prototype Sensor under Development to Automatically Detect Chlorine Levels in Poultry Chiller Water
November 3, 2007Repetitive Stress: Improved EWAS Takes Aim at Worker Injuries
October 25, 2007Georgia Tech Ireland Teams with IntelliOne on TrafficAid® IPTV Project
September 27, 2007New Biosensor Detects Avian Influenza Virus in Minutes, Not Days